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The Pit Shop

Auto Repair and Auto Repair Shop in Fairfield, California

The Pit Shop in Fairfield, California is an Auto Repair Shop providing car repair and auto repair. Our automotive mechanics are trained to handle comprehensive automotive repair. For car repair estimates call (707) 946-4038.

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The Pit Shop Inc. offers a full service repair facility to handle all your automotive needs. Simple oil changes to complete engine rebuilds are all available here. Let our ASE certified technicians get it done right the first time so that you are back on the road in no time. Machining is available as well as custom exhaust, custom intakes, and much more!!! Call us today - (707) 946-4038

For more information about our services, please call us at (707) 946-4038 or visit our Services Page
The Pit Shop
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Fairfield, CA 94533-5899
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The Pit Shop

Overall Rating 5.0

Barry S. - Suisun City, CA

excellent workI had my 68 firebird in the shop to have some tuning done, these guys hit a home run!!! my car starts everytime. runs like a champ...They also worked with me on having it painted...I must say it came out beautiful...thanks guys for making it all happen for me...

- on Oct, 09 2013

Dale H. - Fairfield, CA

The Pit Shop is Fast, Dependable, and ReliableI found the Pit Shop in the Yellow pages when I was rebuilding my 1995 Mazda Miata. My car was being modified and had been "put on hold" by another shop for so long that I needed to find a reliable and knowlegable mechanic who was unafraid to take on the big job. I found that (those) mechanic(s) in Jeff and Tony at the Pit Shop. They installed Lambo Doors, a Limited Slip Differential, and Turbo Charged my Mazda with gace, understanding,and ease. Needless to say, the Pit Shop is my Auto Repair/Modify shop and Jeff and Tony are my mechanics! Thanks guys :)

- on May, 29 2013

Jim J. - Houston, TX

Incredible Shop - Jeff is greatJeff is really amazing. We were driving our 87 VW Vanagon around the US and Canada during the summer of 2011, and just outside of Fairfield, we had problems. We found The Pit Shop completely by accident, but we were so incredibly lucky that this happened! It's a long story - see below - but this is the most honest and honorable mechanic I have ever dealt with! The short version of the long story: The engine went out, and we live in Houston, Texas... Jeff worked with us to find a price we could afford, and he got an engine cheaper from a company he hadn't worked with before - unfortunately. He dropped in the new engine, and it failed! He did the repairs the engine company insisted on, and it failed again. They sent him a second engine, and it was bad! Finally, he tore that second engine apart to rebuild it himself, and it was such a piece of junk that he abandoned it and bought a third engine and rebuilt it. I had flown out to retrieve the van, but due to the issues with the engines I had to fly home empty handed - twice! I had some miles to pay for the flights, and I was able to work remotely and had family to stay with in Napa, so I was able to be patient... Jeff paid for my last flight home and after he finished the repairs on the third and final engine, he shipped the VW to me in Texas, and he stood by his original price. He must have taken a loss on the whole thing, but he stood by his promises all the way through it. He was incredibly apologetic about the entire situation and did everything he said he would do - far above and beyond what I imagined a mechanic would do, especially for someone from so far away who wouldn't be turned into a regular, life-long customer.I talked to a VW shop about his work and his price, and they said he did it for waaay below market, too. If you're in Fairfield or anywhere near, you need to take your car (or old VW, if he'll ever look at one again) to Jeff. Great, honest, trustworthy mechanic.

- on Apr, 01 2012

Lori S. - Suisun, CA

HIghly Recommended!An excellent privately owned shop! I decided to try it based on the online reviews and I was not disappointed. He checked out my problem, tested a few other things, and gave me the results. He also made a recomendation for a tranny flush (which I had been putting off). His rates were so good, I said to go for it, and he had it done and ready to go in less than an hour! He also topped off my oil, and actually washed my car! A service they do after any repairs. I was not even charged for the time or service of having my car checked out in other areas.

- on Feb, 29 2012

Coach . - Fairfield, CA

Very professional auto shopFast, clean and reasonable. I will definately use them again and refer friends and family.

- on Mar, 10 2011

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